June 20, 2024

Located in the open waters of the Red Sea, about an hour from Hurghada, the Careless Reef corals bloom again as they recover from the depredation of the crown of thorns. With excellent visibility, shallow peaks and a steep wall with caves and cantilevers, it offers something for every diver, including the possibility of large pelagic fabrics. “Our tour was very well organized and since it consisted of three nationalities, we got three guides, said our guide, about the tours of Ramashka he was very knowledgeable and friendly.”.

We had an excellent day, so much so that we booked another tour with them, this time to Cairo .” Enjoy a 5 hour trip to stargaze, Enjoy the sunset with a beautiful view and the jeep safari adventure in the Egyptian desert, take a 15 minute camel ride, a tasty traditional tea and a romantic dinner in the desert. Enjoy a stunning experience with a trained guide with professional knowledge of the space world.

If you come in the deep summer season, you can still enjoy it because you can always see early in the morning and go again in the evening when the sun goes down. You definitely need a good sunscreen and a lot of moisture to drink with a nice hat on your head. Summer is a good time for those looking for good rates for accommodation and other services. Experience the beautiful submarines of Egypt on this red snorkeling trip aboard Hurghada. Sail to the clear Red Sea and drop anchor at three major dive sites. Put on your own snorkel gear or the included on-board gear and enjoy enough time to float through the crystal clear water, past dazzling corals, exotic fish and maybe even turtles and rays.

You can also ride a glass boat where you can see the incredible coral reefs and underwater landscapes. I had already visited Luxor and wanted to visit more sites in Egypt on a day trip from Hurghada. My guide Tamer was nice and knowledgeable and his English was very good.

Before that we stopped at a Papyrus museum where we learned how the old papyrus was made. We have some memories of that, but then we found out that we could get them cheaper in the bazaars. In the pyramids, we were advised to take a camel ride for a certain price to take a full photo of the pyramids. After the pyramids we stopped seeing some old oils and perfumes that were optional and a bit expensive again.

The great morning view of the Gulf of Suez helped pass the time and a service top that was surprisingly similar to what we are used to on the M4 in the UK! We arrived in Cairo around 9am, most people on the bus had slept at least a little. Our guide of the day, Ahmed, approached and gave us all the energy boost we needed with his enthusiasm and the clear joy and pride he got from his work.

Explore the east side of the Egyptian desert in a 4×4 vehicle from the city of Hurghada. The trip also provides insight into Bedouin life and its traditions, as well as other local outdoor activities such as quads and camel rides. Optional € 10 extra to navigate the nail, we are waiting in the bus. Pryamide was epic, she was paid to ride a camel to get the best view. The last stop was an optional perfume spot, you could sit on the bus and then leave at 5pm. A very long day, but the bus was big, good air conditioning, bathrooms and a stop on the way to get snacks.

A tip is expected for everything, so have small bills ready for help / service. Street vendors are aggressive / annoying and increase the quoted prices of their souvenir massage in Hurghada by 5-9x, so be prepared to negotiate when you buy something. Infrastructure is inconsistent in locations, so don’t expect Western-quality accommodation or trains.

There are many boats that take you to the best places to dive. Hurghada is a bustling tourist town and sometimes you feel like escaping the action. Going to the sand of the Egyptian desert is a peaceful and atmospheric experience. Take a 4 × 4 tour, culminating in a blistering barbecue, prepared according to the local Bedouin tradition. You pass the barren plains and go deeper into the warm desert and complete the last leg on foot. You will meet Bedouins in their ancestral area before celebrating the traditional barbecue dinner while the sun goes down.