April 21, 2024

Noise and cellular activity generate frenetic energy wherever you work. It is ridiculous to say that we as employers have to “deal with the new reality”. I pay my employees for what is meid offering excellent customer service and doing their job, not speaking on the phone. I tried it differently and it is the same situation “give an inch, you will need a mile”.

Drivers in approved emergency vehicles are also excluded from performing official tasks. In addition, employees are less likely to violate the rules if they are reminded that they are watching closely how they use the time and property of the company. Monitoring methods include visual observation and verification of the company’s cell phone records for personal calls or Internet surpluses.

Since our phones are much more than just phones, we need to adjust our company’s cell phone policies at work to cover all smartphone applications, including the camera and videos. A policy should cover when and whether photos or videos can ever be taken at work. Workplaces often have confidential information that employees should not take random photos of. It can also undermine employee trust and morale when a person is photographed or recorded on video without their consent. The technology continues to change and should also be done through a good company cell phone policy at work.

I even caught someone trying to create a religious program while placing goods orders. One concern you would have is if you let them sit down and read the employee manual at company time or expect them to read it in their personal time? Employers are always concerned about workers who “steal” company time on their cell phones, but what about the time when employers steal from their employees and ask them to do things by hours??? They attacked me, so my employer thought they had me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is difficult enough to get younger people to work, but they only give them access to their social media machine. Demand the increase in minimum wages (now $ 15 in my state), but accept less production? I run a retail store and believe that we need to respect the customer who enters and hands over his hard earned money in order to receive and treat it with respect.