March 2, 2024

The Kohl Eye Delineator is often classified as a cream eyeliner and is a good option to apply directly to the waterline. For the benefits of this type of eyeliner with a formula that is less likely to stain, try one of our selections below. In our honest opinion, there is no better option for soft pigment than this coating.

It remains intact even with extreme humidity and has an ultra matte finish that undergoes quickly. The Black Swan tone has a smooth and smooth texture that glides easily without pulling. This L’Oreal Paris eyeliner is a super durable formula that claims to stay up to 36 hours. The Super Liner Gel Intenza Eye Liner provides the convenience of an eyeliner and the durability of the liquid eyeliner.

We also note that sometimes color can bleed little by little. If you can overcome the strange touch, it is generally a very expensive eyeliner that can reach bold eyes. If your hand leads better to an eyeliner, we love the KVD Beauty Tattoo eyeliner because of its smooth application and robust formula, and it really lives up to its tattoo-worthy name. The Lotus Make-Up Opulence Eye Liner contains botanical extracts and is the perfect choice for those who avoid chemicals in their cosmetics. This dense formula gives volume to the tabs, making them look thicker.

In addition, the application brush must be smooth so that it slides smoothly over the eyelids. The Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Delineator is a gel-based formula that is completely oil-free. It has no spots and remains in the eyes for up to 36 hours! It is waterproof, which means that there are no more tears when you cry or end up in the rain. The lining can be easily removed with a remover or cleaner.

This bright black Avon performance defines your eyes for a festive look. The eyeliner comes in a retractable pencil and is creamy and super soft in the application. It is about your eyes without pulling or pulling, and you can easily adjust the thickness as desired. It is composed of vitamins and special polymers that nourish your skin and remain undisturbed.

This eyeliner has won the hearts of thousands of reviewers. More than 10,000 five-star reviews have been obtained at Sephora and users cannot stop talking about the liquid application, the rich pigment and the flawless formula. Not to mention that there are more than 30 shades to choose from with matte, metal and satin finishes.

The Gel Eye Delineator has a texture somewhere between an eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner. The consistency is thicker than the liquid eyeliner and is creamy like an eyeliner. The gel eyeliner comes eyeliner tattoo in a small pot and must be applied with a brush. For an appearance that stays in place and flattens less quickly once the average eyeliner is determined, the gel eyeliner is a great option.