June 24, 2024

When a system is first started, or when it has lost its suction, there is a lot of air in the filter. An air relief valve allows air to escape from the filter when the plug becomes loose. That is why the air relief valve is important if the filter is going to work with your entire filter square meters. The pump sucks water from the pool through the filter and main drain. The water then moves through the pump and into the filter.

At later stops, you can know at a glance how much the pressure in the tank has increased. Now all you have to do is snake through the area and move on to your next task. In a sand filter, if the medium is loaded incorrectly or in sufficient quantities, channels may have formed in the bed of sand and gravel and water may pass unfiltered. Look for evidence of pipeline or tunneling and reload the filter if necessary.

If necessary, open the sieve pot and turn on the pump. Flood the pot with water from a hose and wash the countercurrent if necessary. Of course, never vacuum a pool with the filter rewound, as the dirt and grime you suck up flows directly into the grates.

If the grains of sand are too large, the filter efficiency decreases; If the sand particles are too small, the filter will quickly clog. For threaded tube connections, it is often recommended to apply PTFE tape to the wires before connecting the pipes. Multiply the area by the approximate average depth of the pool you give it, the volume in cubic feet. You can refine this number by examining how many gallons per hour your specific filter can handle.

The filter surface through which water flows into the filter housing; measured in square feet. The process of cleaning the filter media and elements by reversing the flow of water through the filter and thus removing accumulated residues from aquarium equipment the filter. If your pool stays clean, all the water should go through the filter at least once a day. Therefore, the amount of time you run your filter depends on the size of your pool. Most pool experts recommend about eight hours a day.