May 20, 2024

Those interested in diving, fishing, snorkeling and the incredible Mayan ruins will find an unparalleled adventure in Belize. And American expats and investors don’t have to cross too many cultural boundaries to assimilate. English is the official language of the country and many of the local companies accept U.S. currency. Belize as a country has numerous commercial banking institutions and international banks. Belize also has several smaller banks and local credit unions that offer financial services. Belizean financial institutions provide services to local residents and non-residents.

This was now starting to sound like a real adventure. Fortunately, when we bounced off the road to the property, we could see firsthand that electricity was coming and poles popped up like thin palm trees along the dirt roads. No one knew how long it would take to reach the far northwest.

There are regular daily flights to Belize from many cities in the United States, including Miami (just a 2-hour flight away), Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Newark. It is also possible to fly to Belize from Cancun, Mexico. Most flights arrive at Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City. The country’s strategic location has made it a convenient gateway to the rest of Central America and the Caribbean. Larry Waight is the author of the book The Ultimate Belize Bucket List. Larry is considered one of Belize’s most active bloggers and is also the founder of Belize Hub.

I wouldn’t want to buy and I wouldn’t be able to download if an emergency occurred. Cerros Sands is located in Belize’s Corozal district, near the waters of Ambergris Caye and about an hour’s drive from Chetumal, Mexico. There are many apartments for sale, stately homes, oceanfront lots, etc.

Real-time latest sales data for U.S. stock prices reflects only activities reported through Nasdaq. Intraday data shall be delayed by at least 15 minutes or according to the exchange requirements. One thing that makes Belize so attractive to people looking to buy property is that its legal system is based on English common law. It gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.

This is not always the case, not even in other Caribbean and Latin American countries. It’s also becoming an ever-growing wedding destination, a great asset if you can find the right type of home for that hustle and bustle. Placencia offers quick access to all that Belize has to offer. Unlike many of its neighbors, Belize is a very stable country, with a banking and monetary system you can rely on.

The process of buying the piece of land was very simple, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It took us about fifteen minutes to complete electronic signature paperwork on our iPad. It was hard to say exactly Belize Real Estate what we saw, as the land was full of trees and the beachfront property was not a “beach”. We noticed that a few of the properties we walked through were stripped of trees, filled with sand and populated with small baby palm trees.